Meet Quantmetry at the CES 2019 with 2 new innovations

Temps de lecture : 1 minutes
Quantmetry.com : Meet Quantmetry at the CES 2019 with 2 new innovations

Quantmetry will participate once again at the CES in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11, 2019 !

Feel free to come and meet us on our boothes 53023, 53025 and 52515 to discover our company and innovations : Lyrix and Lymphometry.

Developed by Anova, our startup studio, Lyrix is a personal assistant based on artificial intelligence. Designed to support sales agents in their daily tasks, Lyrix listens to, interprets and responds in natural language to requests made by its users. It meets a wide range of business needs: optimization of prospecting rounds, information on ongoing marketing campaigns, automatic report entry, etc.

Lymphometry is an innovative connected sleeve. Based on new conductive fabric, it allows the detection of a swelling at a very early stage so that preemptive measures can be undertaken. It can be used for example in the case of breast cancers, prostate cancers, pelvic area cancers, lymphoma, melanoma, head and neck cancers, etc.

This year Quantmetry will also offer a MedTech Learning Expedition. We will be escorting professionals of the sector during this week to meet the most promising MedTech startups and discuss with prestigious speakers. Together we will identify the major innovation trends of tomorrow!

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✍Written by Lorine Pere